When will Tesla become a mass-market car maker?

The buzz (no pun intended) surrounding the innovative car maker Tesla Motors is in no Tesla-Model-Sshort supply. Oil might be at an all time low but the popularity of Elon Musk’s electric brain child seem to be all but falling. But the grand question ladies and gentlemen – is when Tesla will become a brand for the masses and start making profits like such. Tesla Motors current sales are a fraction of those of traditional car makers such as GM or Ford, and with massive overhead in for example R&D they really need to start ramping up their sales to reach profitability.

But with a sticker price at roughly $100 000 will the current Model S ever be a car for the masses? I personally doubt it, they need to have a significantly cheaper everyday car in their line-up, government subsidies for green vehicles not-withstanding.

There’s more about this subject over at Bloomberg.



The discrepancy between early stage advertising and the final product

I found out that Microsoft is working on this seemingly awesome new product called bHoloLens but shortly thereafter i saw this.

This is in no way groundbreaking news, innovative new tech is often marketed as more revolutionary than it actually ends up being when it hits the shelves. But i hope that the HoloLens will be the exception, because it seems really cool… 🙂

Helsinki’s future transportation grid will let you order any service from one app

It’s nice to see that my fellow finns are on the side of innovation and forward thinking when it comes to the future of logistics. I hold no doubt about the fact that ideas like this is the way forward for mass-transit. One person one car will be a thing of the past, if it isn’t already.

Head over to Engadget to delve deeper into this subject matter:


Samsung raising the bar for what a cell phone is?

I came across this article on marketwatch that reveals that Samsung is soon to release a smart watch smarter than any other smart watch that we’ve seen so far; it’s supposedly capable of making and recieving calls on it’s own! That’s right, it doesn’t need to be coupled to a phone at all, you would be able to pretty much use it as a phone on it’s own.

This could be revolutionary..or at the very least a start of completely new line of products. I have to say that i do like the idea… Read more here.