What about THEM huge hares! 🙂

A little easter humour and cute-ness is in order here…i’ve never seen such huge bunnies!

Hilarious stuff 😛

Finally spring!


Decided to get some math studies in preparation for the SAT under my belt today, but i ended up here after about an hour!

The first day this year that you can at least guess that spring is arriving. It’s only about 6 degrees centigrade but still, beats the endless d*mn winter we’ve had this year.

I guess the math book will wait until i’m done out here.. ;-P

Back since 11 years…


Alright, so i’m back in my old High School library, waiting for the written essay exam in English to begin in about 20 minutes.

Being here always feels nostalgic…i can’t believe the years have flown by so fast that it now is 11 years (!) ago that i went to High School here. Not much has changed though, not with the school itself and not overly much with me, i gotta say, happily.

Anyways…wish me luck with the exam! 🙂

Alright, time to start preppin’…


So, tomorrow afternoon (luckily) i have to go do a written essay test in the English course i’m taking…i figured that now is the time to start preparing for it!

It’s an essay that has to be written in class so all i can do now is to come up with a subject and read up on some basic essay writing skills. It’s probably over 10 years ago that i wrote an essay, so some refreshment of the mind is surely in order, hehe…

But right this instant it’s time for LUNCH! I’m starving! 😛

To be continued…