They came, they played, they conquered

So we had a competition in the business management software SAP ERPsim at the Uni last week, and today as we had a recap of the game session and the overall results were presented me and my team found out that we’d WON THE WHOLE THING!!


Fantastic stuff, really…we each got a swanky pen for a price. But the pride was worth even more 😉Image

Creating added value for your customers – Interesting article!

Saw this article when i was browsing through the news at Stockholm Arlanda airport. While the heading might be a bit “in your face” i think the article rasies valid points…imagine a faucet that monitors your water usage so that you can save water; who wouldn’t want that?

Read more here.

Apple wants to get big in China with the iPhone 5C

So today Apple unveiled their answer to their less than stellar market share in emerging Imagemarkets like China; the new and cheap iPhone 5C. Apparently it’s going to be available in various bright and cheerful colors and start at $99 for the cheapest 16GB version (with a 2yr wireless plan mind you).

Will it be a typical Apple ground breaker? Time will tell.

Apple also announced the successor to the iPhone 5; the 5S that apparently will come in colors like gold and silver. Sounds fancy, no doubt.

Read more about today’s announcements from Cupertino over at MarketWatch.

Amazon phone for free. Wait, what?

That’s right, amazon is rumoured to make it’s upcoming smart phone available for free. And that is whether you take it with a wire-less plan or not.

I just finished a chapter in my marketing course book about product pricing…but i didn’t find anything there about giving away products for free! 🙂

Amazon intends to offer long-rumored smartphone for free, according to report