Some meaty lecture taking tips!

The first lecture of my very first course is next Monday but i decided that i’d be on the smart side of things and a few days in advance look up some effective ways of taking lecture notes. Back when i was in school last time (long time ago needless to say) i used the good old “write down everything/most things that the lecturer says”-approach, but it didn’t serve me very well i remember.

So i googled the subject and found this very informative site! So now i’m ready with OneNote and a whole new view about how to organize my future notes. Great stuff…actually looking forward to Monday’s first lecture now! B-)


And the journey begins at last!

Image  So yesterday was officially the day for registration with the University, to let them (and yourself!) know that you are actually enrolling for your course or program for the fall semester. So onto the bus i went early yesterday morning, kind of nervous but certainly also at the same time elated to set this ship asail, so to speak.

It was actually my first time visiting the School of Business at the University of Gothenburg (though i’ve been to other faculties before) and so far my impression of it is nothing but great. It seems like a great place with alot of great people and i am sincerely excited about spending the coming five years there…man that sounds like such a long time though, yikes.. 🙂

Anyways; now i’m officially registered for the fall semester that starts first week of September. Before that there’s three mad weeks of parties and all kinds of great stuff to get through (alive!) though.

Let the good times roll!

Student loan – Granted!

ImageGot a letter from the Swedish government run student loan office in the mail yesterday…student loan granted!

Feels great, not that there should have been any problem getting granted, but still. Now everything is a go for the studies in the fall.

First course will be marketing starting 2nd of September, and the text books for it are on the way as we speak. Before that there’s three weeks of hazing though, starting this coming Monday…that shall be interesting B-)

Have a great Friday and weekend everyone!

Apparently there is such a thing as ‘too big’! (U.S Airways-American Airlines merger)

United States Capitol Building

United States Capitol Building (Photo credit: Jack’s LOST FILM)

The shareholders said yes. So did the European Comission.

But now the U.S Department of Justice and six U.S States want to stop the US Airways and American Airlines merger from happening, citing lack of competition on a number of routes if American and US would become one as a cause.

My initial reaction is that i’m surprised by this manouver from the DOJ. I mean even the Europeans gave this deal a green light and a thumbs up. But it does make sense however as the general public are the ones who in the end will end up paying for poor competition if US-American would get certain high yield routes to themselves.

The Dallas Morning News has more on this here.

Great online tool for making mind maps

I’ve never really used mind maps as a down right study tool , but the idea has started to grow on me lately after reading about it in a self-help book on effective study techniques (don’t remember the name of the book unfortunatelly).


I decided to google on further ideas on mind maps and came across this free online tool that lets you draw mind maps on the computer. I’ve just given it a quick test but it seems pretty darn great! It even lets you save your mind maps as PDFs.


Check it out here.

Zombie alert!

Can’t get enough of Zombies after watching the latest episodes of The Walking Dead and World War Z at the Cinema this summer?

Look to Wall Street for your next Zombie fix! Well, according to Brett Arends’s Roi over at Marketwatch anyway, who has written a five Point survival guide to the mindless walkers on Wall Street. A somewhat amusing read, really. I do love The Walking Dead. B-)