Howard Gold is spot on about Bernanke’s influence on world economy

The Wall Street Journal’s Howard Gold writes that Investors and media need to listen less to Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke. I can’t but agree; it’s ridiculous how this man’s every single Word either makes or breaks the Equity markets.


This article is well worth reading, as it shows how volatile the stock markets are and how little fundamental financials actually affect the price of a stock. Market sentiment and pack behavior are king in this World! 

Struggling to make ends meet? – Adopt the McBudget!

English: The official logo.

English: The official logo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Apparently McDonald’s has decided to show their low-waged employees how to live within their means and financially survive by putting together a budget guide; the McBudget!

According to the golden arches management it’s fully possible to live a great and jolly Life on your minimum wage of $25000/yr.

Encouraging? Everything but…

Read more here.

Learning Japanese -one word at the time!

Back home from my holiday in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria (a great place, would recommend it to anyone!) and decided i’d start looking into Japan and the Japanese language a bit.

Found this site that gives you a new Japanese word every day, along with a sentence that it fits into. You gotta start somewhere, right? B-)

Also placed an order on a Japanese beginner’s textbook that’s supposedly part of my language study course at the University this fall. Genki I Second Edition.

Both the book and the site may be suitable for anyone else who wishes to study Japanese, so check them out!



Sunny Beach, Bulgaria








“Last chance workout”


Woke up around 8 this morning and decided to go out on a last run before departing for Sunny beach, Bulgaria later this afternoon. Sometimes life just feels so great that it pulls you right in and makes you do the craziest things, like running when you should still be tucked down in bed!

Yesterday i also finally got the news that i’ve been waiting all spring for, and that i’ve put so d*mn much work into…this fall i’m enrolling in the Business program with Japanese specialization at the University of Gothenburg. YES!!! My first hand choice of school and program, and i got accepted! That feels so great i got to say…now i have the rest of the weeks left until starting school in the end of August filled with work, and then it’s off to a new beginning, for real…

But first a bit of R&R in sunny Bulgaria… B-)

I’ve been waiting to see this! – Coke Stevia!

The natural sweetener and sugar-substitute Stevia is increasingly popular and used in more and more products. Now finally “Big Beverage” has caught wind of it’s benefits as well!

Too bad that it’s still mixed with 50% regular sugar though if you ask me…why not just make it 100% Stevia and hence non-caloric? Go figure..

More on the subject here anyway.