Is there any real substitute for Springpad out there?

When i logged into my Springpad account earlier today i was presented with the dissapointing message that Springpad will be shutting down as of June 25th this year. I was equally saddened and dissapointed to recieve these news; Springpad has been a fantastic way to build lists of movies, books, TV-series, games and what have you that happen to pop into mind and that you’ll want to return to later. If you’ve used it you know what i’m talking about it. All this on top of the regular note pad functionality, of course.

The Springpad website refers you to Evernote and i tried it out but it’s not up to par as far as i’m concerned. You can’t search for for example books or movies and add them to your list with automatic information gathering like Springpad had.

The search goes on…there has to be another similar service out there that cuts it!

Samsung raising the bar for what a cell phone is?

I came across this article on marketwatch that reveals that Samsung is soon to release a smart watch smarter than any other smart watch that we’ve seen so far; it’s supposedly capable of making and recieving calls on it’s own! That’s right, it doesn’t need to be coupled to a phone at all, you would be able to pretty much use it as a phone on it’s own.

This could be revolutionary..or at the very least a start of completely new line of products. I have to say that i do like the idea… Read more here.

The long lost update!

I’ve been walking around with this nagging feeling for a couple of days now that I need to update my blog…time to remedy that issue right now! The thing is that I’ve been quite busy as of late as the spring semester (and my first year at Uni!) is approaching its last exam. It feels so great to be at this point It has to be said…I soon have one year of university studies under my belt; fantastic!

Yesterday I started looking at the possibilities for one or two semesters abroad. This is something that has been part of my plans all along, to combine my studies at the school with a period of experience in the US (preferably). I would be leaving for the fifth and possibly the fourth term (if I get real lucky) which would give me all in all one year of studies in the US (whole of 2015). We’ll see, I need to do a lot more research with regards to the curriculum and so on still, but I do feel hopefully and very good about this prospect…stay tuned!

In other news I visited my extended family up in the north of Sweden at the beginning of this month, which was great and a damn lot of fun. I don’t get to meet my closest cousins all too often and I’m always very happy to get the opportunity. The weather was a fair bit more chilly than it was down here in the south (it even snowed when I left!), but it was great stuff anyways. I look forward to go back in the future, don’t know when though.

ImageRight now I’m very anxious to get the results from our latest exam in financial management! We had the exam the evening before I left to the north and the results are due tomorrow…I just want to get the results and hopefully be able to count this one home and focus fully on the accounting course we are in right now.


That’s it for right now, time to get some evening grub!