The discrepancy between early stage advertising and the final product

I found out that Microsoft is working on this seemingly awesome new product called bHoloLens but shortly thereafter i saw this.

This is in no way groundbreaking news, innovative new tech is often marketed as more revolutionary than it actually ends up being when it hits the shelves. But i hope that the HoloLens will be the exception, because it seems really cool… 🙂


A not so unconventional take on marketing across genders

Came across this Bloomberg article on how the industry aims to market and get more women hooked on the wearable tech trend. Their take appears to be that if you slap some bling on the fitness tracker or smart watch more women will start using them and buying them. Cynical? Likely. I personally think that all of the current products in the wearable tech range could use a more time at the designing and drawing board.

Imagine to have a smart watch that looks more like a classic watch but still presents itself as a smart watch with all it’s features. That would be something. The wearables segment will be an interesting one in the future, no doubt about that.

Hope the new year has started great for everyone!