Working on your own car might send you to jail in the future

That cars of today, or even the last decade, are more difficult to tinker with than their predecessors is no news to the gear heads of the world. Cars are increasingly more computerized, making them less accessible with your typical monkey wrench and traditional mechanical know how.

As if that in itself is not enough there’s a number of auto manufacturers who seemingly want to make it illegal for you to work on your own car. I first thought that this was an April fools joke, but then i realized that the article in Yahoo Autos was posted this week, April 22nd. As a huge car lover these kind of ideas are just plain ridiculous to me, but what Corvette-Z06-DMCAsurprises me even more is what kind of decision making process in the auto companies involved has led to them publicly expressing ambitions like these.

How on earth can you expect anything else than backlash from the consumers when you’re practically telling them that, yeah we value your custom, but in reality you are not owning your own car, you are merely leasing the technology from us and as such we will prosecute you if you do any kind of work on your own car yourself.

I’m very well aware that in the context of things I’m still learning the field of marketing, but these kind of moves by huge, established corporations amaze me. Because one thing is for certain; this kind of public shenanigans will not increase your company’s brand value.

Strategic Marketing thoughts, and a little bit of inspiration

We’re halfway through our course in Strategic Marketing right now and so far the course has offered a few new perspectives on marketing in general and human behavior in particular (which is great news for me since it’s a subject that i really like).

The video below is pretty interesting when talking about strategy and marketing. As much as i wish that this is the one recipe for success, applicable on each and every company and each and every product, it’s probably wishful thinking that it is. It’s with the question “Why” like it is with most things in this world; it’s rarely about any one particular thing, reason or factor, but a collaboration of several of them.

At any rate, Sinek’s presentation is worthwhile and even great, and it is very rewarding to watch. I suggest anyone who’s interested in marketing and communication look up more of what this guy has done.

A not so unconventional take on marketing across genders

Came across this Bloomberg article on how the industry aims to market and get more women hooked on the wearable tech trend. Their take appears to be that if you slap some bling on the fitness tracker or smart watch more women will start using them and buying them. Cynical? Likely. I personally think that all of the current products in the wearable tech range could use a more time at the designing and drawing board.

Imagine to have a smart watch that looks more like a classic watch but still presents itself as a smart watch with all it’s features. That would be something. The wearables segment will be an interesting one in the future, no doubt about that.

Hope the new year has started great for everyone!