About me and this blog

So who am i?

Well, i’m a guy that recently turned 30 and shortly after that lost my current full-time employment due to the by now infamous “economy” (or Euro debt crisis of 2012 if you will).


Facing this set of simple yet absolute facts i decided that now is the perfect time for me to pursue my life long dream, namely getting the university degree that i’ve always wanted but to this point for various reasons haven’t gotten.

The truth is, however, that for the past 2 yrs or so I have slowly but surely began to prepare for future college studies. I decided that I needed to do the SAT a couple of times (held two times/year here in Sweden) in order to widen my degree options. I also did a huge amount of soul searching in order to be able to find the most appealing idea of a future career for myself. To make a long story short what I’ve grown into is that I am going to opt for a degree in Business Administration and that this new and un-tested part of my journey is going to start there.

This blog is entirely about that journey. A personal and professional journey that i decided to begin posting online, both for my own joy (and creative release!) and for anyone else who might be in the same situation as i am, or has nurtured the same set of aspirations about pursuing a college degree as an adult.


I’ve always heard that it’s never too late to get a college degree. It’s time for me to live that saying now, and to the fullest.

2 thoughts on “About me and this blog

  1. Well done! You’ve done pretty well for yourself! You can achieve what your dream at any age, that’s LIVING! Hope you have fun in Gothenburg! All the best!

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