Always buying the largest pizzas – microeconomics anyone?

Apparently someone made a vast study of the price of pizza as you go up in amount bought (or size of the pie!). This is something for everyone who see themselves as utility-maximizing natural economists.

Given that you think cold left over pizza gives you as much utility as fresh warm one does of course 😉

When things start moving in the right direction.

ImageAs i woke up this morning and pulled up the blinds i could glean at something that has been very abscent here the last few months; the sun! As a self-proclaimed “sun-person” (whatever that really is) i was both delighted and reminded that we are in fact moving towards brighter and warmer times with rapid speed these days. My phone says that it’s 7 degrees centigrade outside which makes it a little bit too chilly to have that first outdoor coffee of the year just yet, but i sure can’t wait for that to happen.

In other news the exam in microeconomics went fairly well last week (only wishful thinking at this point however, results are still about two weeks out), and i’m now working on the second course in statistics. Which reminds me, i should get back to doing just that..

Those few days from the exam..

DSC_0306This coming Tuesday we’re having our exam in microeconomics. The implications for me? Sitting inside all weekend exposing myself to utility maximization, consumer choice theory and everything related to it!

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this course for the most part, now that the exam is closing in it doesn’t feel quite as great though…but that’s usually true for most courses i’ve discovered.

I’ve just completed one of the old exams that our professor put on the web, and now i deserve a break. Gonna leave this small apartment for a while.


What to invest in when the markets are shaky; Bacon!

Came across this rather tounge-in-cheeky article over at marketwatch today. The market for bacon and various cImagereative variations of it seem to be booming (or at least in the U.S). The All Star Products group last year marketed a bowl that you make out of bacon and stuff with any filling of your choice. If this is not brilliant i don’t what is! 🙂

The only downside of reading that article is that you get the cravings…for bacon.

The self chosen out of the party….

So, here i am…my pals took a cab to the local club to have a great party all night long…but i decided that i’d rather stay at home than burning fairly vast amounts of money on ONE night out. I understand them to the fullest, i do. But i just dont wanna get on that train this time. I’ve had a good night, no doubt at all about that. But enough is sometimes enough!

Early Saturday morning..

The alarm on my phone woke me up about an hour ago, and here i am; cross eyed and still pretty sleepy. Some black coffee should take care of that i figured and brewed myself a few cups (or jugs rather, i really like my coffee). Now, why on earth would i drImageag myself out of the comforts of my bed early on a Saturday morning? A justified question indeed… The thing is that i decided that i have some work to do today and since i can’t do any of it later today and tonight due to other (indeed more fun) plans, the best option was to get up fairly early.

In other news the spring semester at Uni has started up well and is running at full steam as we speak. Yesterday the results from our last exam (Macroeconomics) came in and i’m pleased that i can put yet another course behind me now. Microeconomics is in the works right now and it’s going really well so far, it’s the most interesting course so far in my mind, partly since it contains some level of consideration for human behavior, even though the economic theories about man are very simplified. Anyone who who’s taken an introductory course in Microeconomics knows what i’m talking about.

In yet other news the world equity markets appear to have sucked up the heavy turmoil we saw earlier in the week, the past days we’ve seen closings in the green in most of the developed economies, although emerging markets still seem to be suffering from a capital run.

Over and out, have a great weekend anyone who might read this!

Shaky days on the markets!

The last few days has seen it’s fair share of waves on the equity seas; the U.S stock indices closed in the red yesterday (due mostly to dissapointing ISM numbers according to speculation) and the Nikkei 225 in Tokyo butchered 4,18% of it’s value during the night here in Europe.

Surprisingly (to me) the Euro indices closed some distance into the green today, and as of right now the S&P500 is up about 1% in New York. It isn’t a far stretch from here to think that Europe will open in the green tomorrow as well, but you’ll learn quickly that in this game there are no guarantees.

I’m undecided what i should think about tomorrow; probably it’s better to stay off the market for a few days to get some sort of indication about which direction we’re heading.

Time will tell!