Stepping stones

Things gone by and things ahead

September 2016: Enrolled on the International Business and Trade program at the School of Business, Economics and Law in Gothenburg, Sweden

May 2016: Bachelor thesis is done, presented and defended! Yay!

January 2016: Last Undergrad-semester in full swing!

December 2015: Back home from Montreal awaiting the new year ahead

August-December 2015: In Montreal on exchange. Yay! 🙂

June 2015: School’s out for summer!! 🙂

April 2015: Course in Strategy: done! Currently in the final proceedings of a course in Financial planning and management which, i have to say, is really interesting.

March 2015: Received the lovely piece of news in my Uni-mail that i got the highest grade on my paper about NFL in the course in Strategic Marketing that we finished recently. Great!

February 2015: The selection process for exchange studies for the fall semester is finally done. Montréal, Canada here i come! This was fantastic news!

February 2015: Raked home the highest grade in Commercial & Tax Law. This one felt real great since the course itself was longer, heavier and worth more credits than usual. I really enjoyable subject too. Maybe i should have studied to become a lawyer instead? 😉


Miscellaneous things apart from exams etc:   Planning to get into some sort of extra curricular activity at the Uni, or get some sort of part time job where i’ll be able to develop my business abilities if not right away so at least in the future.

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