Here’s hoping for a calm solution in Ukraine.

As things have been rapidly turning uglier and uglier in Crimea, Ukraine over the past days i found a different angle of the situation. CNBC’s Dhana Ranasinghe published an article about the ways that Russia’s economy takes large damage from the previous days sabre rattling from Kreml. It is a fact that is as uncomfortable as it is true; where money and economics are involved people start to evaluate their actions (and the actions of others).

I’m not enough read into the subject of Crimea to post any pointed opinions about it, but here is hoping for a quick and calm resolution of it all..


Shaky days on the markets!

The last few days has seen it’s fair share of waves on the equity seas; the U.S stock indices closed in the red yesterday (due mostly to dissapointing ISM numbers according to speculation) and the Nikkei 225 in Tokyo butchered 4,18% of it’s value during the night here in Europe.

Surprisingly (to me) the Euro indices closed some distance into the green today, and as of right now the S&P500 is up about 1% in New York. It isn’t a far stretch from here to think that Europe will open in the green tomorrow as well, but you’ll learn quickly that in this game there are no guarantees.

I’m undecided what i should think about tomorrow; probably it’s better to stay off the market for a few days to get some sort of indication about which direction we’re heading.

Time will tell!

Slowly and surely: Fed stays on the program!

The U.S Federal reserve today announced that it will taper back another 10 million of asset purchases; from it’s previous 75 to 65 million USD as of todays FOMC meeting. Market Watch has more on this story here.

Apple wants to get big in China with the iPhone 5C

So today Apple unveiled their answer to their less than stellar market share in emerging Imagemarkets like China; the new and cheap iPhone 5C. Apparently it’s going to be available in various bright and cheerful colors and start at $99 for the cheapest 16GB version (with a 2yr wireless plan mind you).

Will it be a typical Apple ground breaker? Time will tell.

Apple also announced the successor to the iPhone 5; the 5S that apparently will come in colors like gold and silver. Sounds fancy, no doubt.

Read more about today’s announcements from Cupertino over at MarketWatch.