Onwards towards new challenges!

It’s 5:00 in the morning and i’ve gotten far too little sleep this past night. Why am I up at this unholy hour? Because I’m finally on my way to my exchange semester in Montreal! leaving-bostonSleepiness aside it feels good to be sitting outside gate 18H at Gothenburg Landvetter airport waiting for the Lufthansa flight that will first take me to Munich, and after a couple of hours sightseeing there onwards to Canada. So much preparation (mostly mental in all honesty) has gone into this the past few weeks so I’m now just happy to get going.

This trip is for me something new, since even though I love to travel I’ve never been out of Sweden for as long as I will be now…I’ll be home again just in time for Christmas (on the very eve itself infact!). I’m very excited about the new adventures and challenges that the rest of this year holds!

Onwards and upwards!

Helsinki’s future transportation grid will let you order any service from one app

It’s nice to see that my fellow finns are on the side of innovation and forward thinking when it comes to the future of logistics. I hold no doubt about the fact that ideas like this is the way forward for mass-transit. One person one car will be a thing of the past, if it isn’t already.

Head over to Engadget to delve deeper into this subject matter:


The long lost update!

I’ve been walking around with this nagging feeling for a couple of days now that I need to update my blog…time to remedy that issue right now! The thing is that I’ve been quite busy as of late as the spring semester (and my first year at Uni!) is approaching its last exam. It feels so great to be at this point It has to be said…I soon have one year of university studies under my belt; fantastic!

Yesterday I started looking at the possibilities for one or two semesters abroad. This is something that has been part of my plans all along, to combine my studies at the school with a period of experience in the US (preferably). I would be leaving for the fifth and possibly the fourth term (if I get real lucky) which would give me all in all one year of studies in the US (whole of 2015). We’ll see, I need to do a lot more research with regards to the curriculum and so on still, but I do feel hopefully and very good about this prospect…stay tuned!

In other news I visited my extended family up in the north of Sweden at the beginning of this month, which was great and a damn lot of fun. I don’t get to meet my closest cousins all too often and I’m always very happy to get the opportunity. The weather was a fair bit more chilly than it was down here in the south (it even snowed when I left!), but it was great stuff anyways. I look forward to go back in the future, don’t know when though.

ImageRight now I’m very anxious to get the results from our latest exam in financial management! We had the exam the evening before I left to the north and the results are due tomorrow…I just want to get the results and hopefully be able to count this one home and focus fully on the accounting course we are in right now.


That’s it for right now, time to get some evening grub!



Apparently there is such a thing as ‘too big’! (U.S Airways-American Airlines merger)

United States Capitol Building

United States Capitol Building (Photo credit: Jack’s LOST FILM)

The shareholders said yes. So did the European Comission.

But now the U.S Department of Justice and six U.S States want to stop the US Airways and American Airlines merger from happening, citing lack of competition on a number of routes if American and US would become one as a cause.

My initial reaction is that i’m surprised by this manouver from the DOJ. I mean even the Europeans gave this deal a green light and a thumbs up. But it does make sense however as the general public are the ones who in the end will end up paying for poor competition if US-American would get certain high yield routes to themselves.

The Dallas Morning News has more on this here.

Learning Japanese -one word at the time!

Back home from my holiday in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria (a great place, would recommend it to anyone!) and decided i’d start looking into Japan and the Japanese language a bit.

Found this site that gives you a new Japanese word every day, along with a sentence that it fits into. You gotta start somewhere, right? B-)

Also placed an order on a Japanese beginner’s textbook that’s supposedly part of my language study course at the University this fall. Genki I Second Edition.

Both the book and the site may be suitable for anyone else who wishes to study Japanese, so check them out!



Sunny Beach, Bulgaria