Brand management in professional sports: The case of F1


As a fan of Formula 1 i have for a number of years now witnessed how relatively poorly the sport is at managing social media. It seems like the social media strategy of FOM (Formula One Management; the managing body of F1) is that of absolute control of any type of media from F1 events. This reached some sort of apex last week when Haas F1 driver Romain Grosjean was reportedly told by FOM to remove content that he had posted on his own fan page.

Fans are of course outraged by these type of control-all antics, and rightfully so. I can personally look at other professional sporting leagues that i follow on a regular basis


where the strategy is completely different. The American pro-basketball league NBA is a great example here, where the comissioner himself is an active user of Instagram and twitter and actually encourages fans to post their content from games on social media. This, to me, is a league that understands the new times we live in and what it means for your brand management and how you leverage it for the benefit of the organization in terms of a growing fan base.

FOM needs to accept the new digital marketing era where social media reigns supreme. They need to handle collaborative marketing, that consumers are an element part of creating the brand and not completely ignore their fan base believing that they still hold absolute control over the meanings of the F1 brand. If they fail to heed this call they will undoubtedly face decimated audiences in the future to come, and the sponsors will eventually follow suit.


A new beginning


A new beginning

So today i left my old job for the last time, and i managed to catch this shot of the sky on my way home..somehow it represents my mindset at the time being.

Cloudy with a chance of new opportunities and a new beginning! I feel a little bit sad for leaving all my good work buddies, but at the same time and more so happily i feel optimistic about the future. For one door that closes, another one opens, as they say…

Anyways, next stop on the agenda is a written English course argumentative exam on Monday that i have to do to add on my grades for the University. Today that is not too much on my mind however…i feel somewhat confident about it all and i’ll finish it on Sunday.

Today i just kick it back and enjoy the turning of a major chapter in the book of my life…i rarely say this but i really feel that i deserve this one…