That Feeling of Accomplishment

accomplishmentAbout three years ago today I was waiting for an acceptance letter from the University of Gothenburg, a letter (hopefully) telling me that I was accepted to one of their business programs. I’m usually pretty confident about my own abilities and so on, but when you’re faced with such a life-altering possibility as a Uni-education of your choice, I too got a bit nervous and antsy about getting that letter as soon as possible, so that i would know.

Fast forward to today; three years later. I’m about to hand in the final version of my Bachelor thesis to the Uni, and I realize that I actually did it; I got a University degree! It’s a great feeling, and it makes me even more hungry for the coming two years of Master studies here in Gothenburg.

It’s never too late. Onwards and upwards!

Onwards towards new challenges!

It’s 5:00 in the morning and i’ve gotten far too little sleep this past night. Why am I up at this unholy hour? Because I’m finally on my way to my exchange semester in Montreal! leaving-bostonSleepiness aside it feels good to be sitting outside gate 18H at Gothenburg Landvetter airport waiting for the Lufthansa flight that will first take me to Munich, and after a couple of hours sightseeing there onwards to Canada. So much preparation (mostly mental in all honesty) has gone into this the past few weeks so I’m now just happy to get going.

This trip is for me something new, since even though I love to travel I’ve never been out of Sweden for as long as I will be now…I’ll be home again just in time for Christmas (on the very eve itself infact!). I’m very excited about the new adventures and challenges that the rest of this year holds!

Onwards and upwards!

It’s that time of the month: Exam time!

Our exam in Strategy is coming up this afternoon and that only means one thing for me; maximum exposure to my course material! 🙂

I don’t dare to say that i have good feelings about this one as i don’t want to jinx the bejesus out of my chances for a great grade, but i feel at some sort of ease. Here’s hoping for the right questions!


Time for a written English exam for a change!

So the month of May is now upon us and the weather is real nice here today; had a morning run in the sun shine and thought update this educational blog of mine.

There hasn’t really been all that much happening on the studying front the last weeks, so i’ve been thinking that new updates have been unnecessary. Since i’m planning to keep this blog as a log or public diary over my non-trad student life for YEARS (yes) it don’t wan’t to publish all kinds of non-relevant stuff here, but rather things that pertain to studies and all that comes with that.

Anywhooser; tomorrow morning at 8:15am it’s time for a written exam in the high school grade English course i am taking (to be admissable to College in the fall). I expect it to be a fairly straight forward and quick affair, hope i’m not jinxing it by saying that, hehe. B-)

What i’m abit more nervous about is the oral argumentative speech that i have to do next Thursday, i haven’t really cracked the books on that as much as i’d need to yet i feel. Procrastination warning in order here!

Good luck with all your studies and endevours to anyone who might (emphasis might) be reading this…knowledge is always worth the effort in the long run.

Thoughts about the future –and the SAT!

So today is the last day to get the ducks in row and prepare for the SAT tomorrow; the last chance to take the SAT (or högskoleprovet as it’s called here in Sweden) before applying for college this fall. Originally I, of course, had planned to do a lot more studying for the test…but reality and other chores got in the way. I feel pretty content about my chances tomorrow though, it’s not a stretch to say that they’re ok.

Doing good tomorrow is not a deal breaker for the coming fall no matter what, it’s just that I’d increase the margin to get accepted to my primary school and degree programs.


15th of April is the last day to apply for college here and with 99% certainty my application will look somewhat like this:

1st pick: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration or Economics at the University of Gothenburg. Here I  have four different choices for specialization. Analytical, Linguistic – English, Linguistic – Chinese or Linguistic – Japanese. I’m going to apply to all four with English being my top choice.

2nd pick: The same Degree except the specializations above at the University/College of Borås.


All of the above will most likely end me up with a Master degree as well.

For second tier back-ups (so to speak) I’m applying to one or two Bachelor’s in Social sciences with a BA or Econ specialization. I plan to throw in a BsC in Logistics there as well.

No matter how the cookie decides to crumble tomorrow I will get a spot at one of the programs above, I know that already, which is a bit comforting. The Lingustic BA programs in Gothenburg are really appealing though, I’d really love a future career in international business and trade. This town always felt a bit too cramped for me to be honest…

A new beginning


A new beginning

So today i left my old job for the last time, and i managed to catch this shot of the sky on my way home..somehow it represents my mindset at the time being.

Cloudy with a chance of new opportunities and a new beginning! I feel a little bit sad for leaving all my good work buddies, but at the same time and more so happily i feel optimistic about the future. For one door that closes, another one opens, as they say…

Anyways, next stop on the agenda is a written English course argumentative exam on Monday that i have to do to add on my grades for the University. Today that is not too much on my mind however…i feel somewhat confident about it all and i’ll finish it on Sunday.

Today i just kick it back and enjoy the turning of a major chapter in the book of my life…i rarely say this but i really feel that i deserve this one…

“An ending…”

I’m sitting here on the penultimate day of my job here at the textile factory, looking out the window and feeling pretty hopeful about my future outside and without this current employment. I have my goals in sight and a definite possibility to reach them.


And oh, i decided to start blogging about this journey that i’m embarking on; one that will take me from the factory floor, through university and to a future career i secretly always dreamed of!Image