The Easter Special!

After a thoroughly enjoyable easter that included lots of good times with my pals i am now sitting on the bus home from school. Today is officially a national holiday but me and my awesome project group in financial management decided to meet up today to get work done on our upcoming case presentation this Wednesday. We got a lot done in the few hours we sat with it, and now i’m heading home to a relaxing bath. It shall be great since i left home in a hurry today (after a late night last night!).Image


Weather has been absolutely awesome this easter and i sure hope it continues to be! Ain’t nothing like the bright, sunny days of summer approaching…


Things are shaping up…

Sitting here with my text book in organization and leadership alongside a warm cup of coffee. My second exam is coming up on Monday afternoon so i decided to more or less lock myself inside my apartment all weekend for a last exposure to the course material.

From the debates around Frederick Winslow Taylor’s Scientific Management via the Human Relations school of management to modern leadership, the subject itself is quite interesting. I really like the historical emphasis as an explanation to where we are today regarding management and organization…with the risk of it sounding like a cliché it is important to know where we come from in order to understand why things are the way they are in today’s day and age.

In other news my new project group had our presentation this Thursday. Man that felt good…presentation and public speaking has previously not been my favourite subject, but always something that i wanted to get better at and in the future really be able to control. I’m getting there, slowly but surely. Practice in this case does breed success!

Lastly i hope everyone had a great Halloween and got at least ”one good scare” 😉

Take care and have a nice weekend people!