At the middle marker

My last post here on my beloved blog was when I was sitting at the airport in my home town back in Sweden, waiting to finally get going on my exchange semester in Montreal, Canada. And now I’m here; a touch more than two months in with the realization that I IMG_3683shave just about half my stay here left in front of me, before it’s time to start heading back home again. This realization comes with a somewhat bitter taste, there is no doubt about that, since I have nothing but enjoyed my time here from day one. It has honestly been such a fantastic experience to this point, and there are so many stories to tell about it all. I’ve travelled to the left and to the right, I’ve met so many amazing people that I really enjoy being around, and I have finally gotten some sort of routine going with my school work here. Going from studying one course at a time as we do in Sweden to five at a time took some getting used to, but I’m getting there now, at last. Today I even had my first midterm (in Human Resource Management) which by my own account and feeling of it went well.

It has slowly started to turn into fall here in Montreal now, at long last (even if I haven’t missed it particularly). The summer here has been so long and warm, but now it’s time to start wearing the heavy stuff again. But I am in fact going to Cuba in about a week, so the summer still really doesn’t feel all that far away… B-)

That’s it for this update; au reviour!

It’s that time of the year again!

After just coming home from school i’ve decided that today is a fantastic opportunity to maximize my exposure to the ever fantastic spring sun at the same time as i do my regular course work.

I mean, why not? B-)


Entering the last week..


So here we are at the last week of school and studies before the summer break. The final exam (in financial management/accounting) is on Friday, and whether i like it or not i’m bound to the books more or less every available moment this week.

I would lie if i said that it’s all rosy, but hey, you don’t always love your job right? You do what you need to and that’s that.

Can’t wait to be sitting with the exam finally in front of me on Friday, really…

No rest this Sunday..

Sundays and weekends are usually synonomous with leisure and lazy times but that is not the case for me this particular Sunday. This is what i have in front of me right now; a desk full of financial control scribblings!

The group project that we have in this particular course stole quite a bit of my personal study time this past week so i decided to gather some lost ground now during the weekend instead. But make no mistake; i’m working in a leasurily pace…after all it’s still weekend.


Business AND pleasure!

The spring landed last week and is in pretty much full swing here in southern Sweden now, which of course is nothing but just fantastic! And why not combine business with pleasure and sit outside in the sun and do your study work for the day? 🙂


I did the exam in Statistics a few weeks back and we are now into our penultimate course of the semester; preparatory Accounting and Financial control. It’s an interesting subject so far. Book keeping can be tedious and monotonous, but i can’t help to enjoy feeling that what you do is something important that just has to get right. There’s no room for sloppiness in this field! 🙂 We’re having a group project in this course as well which will be fun for sure, me and my group will summon later today to get the started on it all.




The 6am special

Decided to get up in the break of dawn and crack the books one last time before heading off to the exam today (it actually isn’t until 1:30pm but anyway). I’ll get a few days of rest after the exam which makes it abit easier to get up at this unholy hour..

Got to brew some of that sweet sweet coffee here now (or black gold like i want to call it). Have a good one peeps!

And the journey begins at last!

Image  So yesterday was officially the day for registration with the University, to let them (and yourself!) know that you are actually enrolling for your course or program for the fall semester. So onto the bus i went early yesterday morning, kind of nervous but certainly also at the same time elated to set this ship asail, so to speak.

It was actually my first time visiting the School of Business at the University of Gothenburg (though i’ve been to other faculties before) and so far my impression of it is nothing but great. It seems like a great place with alot of great people and i am sincerely excited about spending the coming five years there…man that sounds like such a long time though, yikes.. 🙂

Anyways; now i’m officially registered for the fall semester that starts first week of September. Before that there’s three mad weeks of parties and all kinds of great stuff to get through (alive!) though.

Let the good times roll!