Time to enter a new chapter and look ahead.

So here we are again, at the cusp between a year gone past and a new year that hopefully awaits us with new prosperity and happiness in life! It’s amazing how fast a year goes by, isn’t it? It really does feel like the last New Years Eve happened just yesterday.

I personally like to look back at the year that has been and and find the moments that has meant something special to me, and try to look ahead at what the future might bring. For me the year 2014 has been a great one, for several reasons, none of which i’m really going to present here for various reasons. But looking ahead instead I am optimistic and excited about 2015. This coming year has a lot coming for me personally, with an exchange semester in the US in the fall if everything goes my way. This I don’t even dare to wish for though, I will just play it cool till I have the admission in my hand. More immediately I look forward to a new spring semester at the University, and all new and rewarding experiences that it may bring.

Lastly I wish everyone who read this a happy and prosperous 2015; may all your wishes and resolutions come true! 🙂



October reflections

So it’s time for a little update of the ‘ol blog and bring to it the going-ons as of late. The news are as follows. Last week we received the grades for our first course this semester (International economics) and while I was pleased that I passed it with great margin I was less pleased to see that I was a mere 1.25 points from the highest possible grade. This has pretty much been the case for the third course now, that I get unnervingly close to the higher grade. What annoys me is that this eventually shows nowhere in the final grades. Close doesn’t cut it, so to say. But despite that I am pleased with my own work anyway, I rather be close to the top than balancing on the middle. The Corporate finance course we are taking now has started off in a good way though, with a top grade on the first two computer exams that we’ve had since the course began.

Now, this month has also marked the point where we had to decide our specialization/major. The first year and a half we’ve been all studying the same courses but starting next year we will be separated into one of three specializations; Economics, Finance or Business administration. The decision for me has been some time coming, even though I enjoy all three subject matters in their own ways. I eventually decided and pulled the trigger on Business administration, for a number of reasons. The largest one of those reasons is the fact that it’s an area that I feel builds on my previous experiences and who I am as a person the most. To not take into account what I have done with my life to this point during my 31 years of life would have been a mistake as I see it. Had I been young, inexperienced and straight out of high school I might have made a different decision. Now I feel confident with building on my previous experiences in the manufacturing industry and where I see myself with Business administration. I came to think of this sort of simple, intuitive, model while I was out walking the other day and I just experienceeducationmodelhad to jot it down in my phone. It’s just a simple qualitative model to visualize how one might reason about making choices when it comes to career making. It’s by no means a complete product, so bear with me! 😉

That’s it for this time, over and out!

Broader times ahead!

As I woke up this morning and was still lying in my bed thinking about what I need to do today I started contemplating how I could create some more material for this blog of mine. I’ve actually had that thought come to me on several occasions before, when I’ve wanted to share business articles and the likes with the world, but I’ve always ended up thinking that “hey, this is meant to be a blog about adult and non-traditional college life; not a business blog which there are already thousands of out there!”.

Now I’ve come to some sort of conclusion of compromise. This IS a non-trad student’s journey to and through college, but I am also gonna start putting other parts of my life on here in the future. It may be a business article or something about training and nutrition, but other stuff is going to come on here as well, that’s my main point.

I know that my reader base is extremely limited, but I enjoy making the odd post here every now and then nevertheless.

To you who happen to read this, have a good one and keep cracking the books!

/ Mika

Thoughts about the future –and the SAT!

So today is the last day to get the ducks in row and prepare for the SAT tomorrow; the last chance to take the SAT (or högskoleprovet as it’s called here in Sweden) before applying for college this fall. Originally I, of course, had planned to do a lot more studying for the test…but reality and other chores got in the way. I feel pretty content about my chances tomorrow though, it’s not a stretch to say that they’re ok.

Doing good tomorrow is not a deal breaker for the coming fall no matter what, it’s just that I’d increase the margin to get accepted to my primary school and degree programs.


15th of April is the last day to apply for college here and with 99% certainty my application will look somewhat like this:

1st pick: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration or Economics at the University of Gothenburg. Here I  have four different choices for specialization. Analytical, Linguistic – English, Linguistic – Chinese or Linguistic – Japanese. I’m going to apply to all four with English being my top choice.

2nd pick: The same Degree except the specializations above at the University/College of Borås.


All of the above will most likely end me up with a Master degree as well.

For second tier back-ups (so to speak) I’m applying to one or two Bachelor’s in Social sciences with a BA or Econ specialization. I plan to throw in a BsC in Logistics there as well.

No matter how the cookie decides to crumble tomorrow I will get a spot at one of the programs above, I know that already, which is a bit comforting. The Lingustic BA programs in Gothenburg are really appealing though, I’d really love a future career in international business and trade. This town always felt a bit too cramped for me to be honest…