Broader times ahead!

As I woke up this morning and was still lying in my bed thinking about what I need to do today I started contemplating how I could create some more material for this blog of mine. I’ve actually had that thought come to me on several occasions before, when I’ve wanted to share business articles and the likes with the world, but I’ve always ended up thinking that “hey, this is meant to be a blog about adult and non-traditional college life; not a business blog which there are already thousands of out there!”.

Now I’ve come to some sort of conclusion of compromise. This IS a non-trad student’s journey to and through college, but I am also gonna start putting other parts of my life on here in the future. It may be a business article or something about training and nutrition, but other stuff is going to come on here as well, that’s my main point.

I know that my reader base is extremely limited, but I enjoy making the odd post here every now and then nevertheless.

To you who happen to read this, have a good one and keep cracking the books!

/ Mika