Business AND pleasure!

The spring landed last week and is in pretty much full swing here in southern Sweden now, which of course is nothing but just fantastic! And why not combine business with pleasure and sit outside in the sun and do your study work for the day? 🙂


I did the exam in Statistics a few weeks back and we are now into our penultimate course of the semester; preparatory Accounting and Financial control. It’s an interesting subject so far. Book keeping can be tedious and monotonous, but i can’t help to enjoy feeling that what you do is something important that just has to get right. There’s no room for sloppiness in this field! 🙂 We’re having a group project in this course as well which will be fun for sure, me and my group will summon later today to get the started on it all.





Some meaty lecture taking tips!

The first lecture of my very first course is next Monday but i decided that i’d be on the smart side of things and a few days in advance look up some effective ways of taking lecture notes. Back when i was in school last time (long time ago needless to say) i used the good old “write down everything/most things that the lecturer says”-approach, but it didn’t serve me very well i remember.

So i googled the subject and found this very informative site! So now i’m ready with OneNote and a whole new view about how to organize my future notes. Great stuff…actually looking forward to Monday’s first lecture now! B-)

Great online tool for making mind maps

I’ve never really used mind maps as a down right study tool , but the idea has started to grow on me lately after reading about it in a self-help book on effective study techniques (don’t remember the name of the book unfortunatelly).


I decided to google on further ideas on mind maps and came across this free online tool that lets you draw mind maps on the computer. I’ve just given it a quick test but it seems pretty darn great! It even lets you save your mind maps as PDFs.


Check it out here.