That Feeling of Accomplishment

accomplishmentAbout three years ago today I was waiting for an acceptance letter from the University of Gothenburg, a letter (hopefully) telling me that I was accepted to one of their business programs. I’m usually pretty confident about my own abilities and so on, but when you’re faced with such a life-altering possibility as a Uni-education of your choice, I too got a bit nervous and antsy about getting that letter as soon as possible, so that i would know.

Fast forward to today; three years later. I’m about to hand in the final version of my Bachelor thesis to the Uni, and I realize that I actually did it; I got a University degree! It’s a great feeling, and it makes me even more hungry for the coming two years of Master studies here in Gothenburg.

It’s never too late. Onwards and upwards!

Three years on WordPress!

A friendly reminder told me today that I’ve been blogging here on WordPress for the whole of three years today! Incredible! It’s hard to imagine that three years ago today i jusjohnson-celebration-of-learning-Thinkstockt left my old job to take the first steps on this very journey that i am on right now, and i am very glad that i decided to start this blogging process that very same day. It has at times provided me a channel to put my thoughts into writing, and at times, perhaps mostly; it has been a fun and worthwhile distraction. I do know that the last several months since i left for my sejour to Canada I’ve not been posting here nearly as much as I’d like, and that will change. Either way, i look forward to the three years ahead; i know that they will be interesting and rewarding in many ways!

5 Things Job Seekers Obsess Over — But Shouldn’t – Forbes

I happened to stumble upon this worthwhile article over at Forbes. Whether you’re in a position of asserting yourself in the business world or applying for your 5th position, it’s pretty spot on and reassuring 🙂

The mailman come bearing great news!

Recieved this great piece of news in the mail this Friday; passed the last exam in financial control with destinction! It’s the highest grade that we can get at our school so I guess it’s comparable to a ‘straight A’. I know that I am tooting my own horn here, but that made my Friday. On to the next! DSC_1663

The course in international economics is up and running and now I have to start thinking about something related to that to write a debate article about. It must be tops 5000 words and must use statistics from the statistics tool Gap Minder. I have some ideas right now but I’m yet to start writing. I can recommend Gap Minder if you ever need a vast array of global statistics, I’ve never used it before we started this course but there seems to be A LOT of stuff there. Check it out if you need to gather some statistics.


So long!

Want to keep tabs on the world but lack the time – Fear not!

Is this familiar to you at all?

You really want to keep up with world events so you decide that you’re going to start frequent some news website on a daily basis, or perhaps even get your hands on an old fashioned news paper. You do this exactly once or in the best case twice until you either forget about it since your so pre-occupied with studying or you simply feel that your precious time, scarcest commodity of them all, is better spent elsewhere (like reddit or any other source of a daily fix of easiness). I end up here often, i must say.

But lo and behold i found these two babies in Player FM’s podcast archive the other day while i was on my cardio routine. It’s the ‘CBS news weekend roundup’ and ‘Deutsche welle inside Europe’. Both are great at summarizing the week that has been with perhaps a deeper look at a selected couple of noteworthy events in the past week. Needless to say ‘Inside Europe’ focuses more on European events and affairs, but i think that it would be a great way for non-Europeans to stay up to speed with what’s happening here as well. So check them both out if you’ve been looking for that concentrate of important world events that you’ve missed during the week because you’ve been so busy studying (of course, what else right?)!

Summary of times past and a look ahead

This, the last month with any kind of summer potential is now coming to an end and we’re beginning the journey towards the fall. I’m sitting here typing this on my trusty desktop computer (yes, people still use these!) having the first coffee of the day and reflecting over the past summer months and it’s accompanying summer work. I have been back to the company that I used to work for before I started my Uni studies and it has been a good run. It was great to meet all Autumn-Wallpaper-autumn-35867750-1280-800my former co-workers again and to see that business for them has picked up again and they’re with new owners and management heading in a new direction. I wish them all the best and success in the future.
As pleased as I was being back there again I also wish for something else from the future, as I have done all along. It’s time for me to start looking elsewhere for a future career in my own field. This has absolutely nothing to do with any hard feelings or anything of the like towards my former employer, I like them very much and I know that I am liked by them. But at this point it’s just time for a new path for me. Time and opportunity will tell where that might be.

I will now be embarking on my third semester at the university and I am looking forward to it! We have our first lecture in the course International economics next Tuesday, I got my hands on the main book for the course already, just need to sort the remaining two as soon as I get back to school. This fall semester also marks the point where I will need to select a major for my bachelor’s degree. This will need to happen by October 15th. I am still a bit undecided to my choice, I must say. I am leaning towards business administration mainly for the reason that my work experience this far in my life has been mainly in industry and business admin just feels like a good fit from this point onwards. But at the same time there is something that time and again starts drawing me towards majoring in Finance. My spontaneous take on it is that it would be a very interesting field for the future and with the knowledge I have at hand right now it’s something I could imagine doing for work. I hesitate because I know that I am a non-traditional student that last year passed the 30 mark of age (I prefer to look at it as life experience ;-). Aiming for a career in Investment banking might at this point be asking for an awful lot. I don’t doubt my own abilities at the slightest, but the labor market and it’s demand is something that is out of my control. This is why I hesitate. I am not really sure what other types of jobs I would be able to get with a bachelor’s in Finance together with no real experience in the field this far. This is something that I will need to delve much deeper in to in the coming weeks before I select my major. In any case I will be getting a master degree on top of it all, maybe it would be a wise choice to combine the Finance bachelor’s with a master in a business admin field in that case. I am not completely sure at this point. But come October 15th I will be.

So long for now, my trusty blog.

Networking online: well of course!

Found this article/guide to online career networking and thought it belonged right here on the blog. I’ve thought about this for a while…facebook and LinkedIn don’t really cut the mustard. I’m looking for something else to meet likeminded people online..maybe one of those sites in the article would serve me well. I’ll have a look during the weekend.

Here’s the link: