Is there any real substitute for Springpad out there?

When i logged into my Springpad account earlier today i was presented with the dissapointing message that Springpad will be shutting down as of June 25th this year. I was equally saddened and dissapointed to recieve these news; Springpad has been a fantastic way to build lists of movies, books, TV-series, games and what have you that happen to pop into mind and that you’ll want to return to later. If you’ve used it you know what i’m talking about it. All this on top of the regular note pad functionality, of course.

The Springpad website refers you to Evernote and i tried it out but it’s not up to par as far as i’m concerned. You can’t search for for example books or movies and add them to your list with automatic information gathering like Springpad had.

The search goes on…there has to be another similar service out there that cuts it!


Some meaty lecture taking tips!

The first lecture of my very first course is next Monday but i decided that i’d be on the smart side of things and a few days in advance look up some effective ways of taking lecture notes. Back when i was in school last time (long time ago needless to say) i used the good old “write down everything/most things that the lecturer says”-approach, but it didn’t serve me very well i remember.

So i googled the subject and found this very informative site! So now i’m ready with OneNote and a whole new view about how to organize my future notes. Great stuff…actually looking forward to Monday’s first lecture now! B-)

Great new student laptops coming!

To those who might have missed it and are in the market for a new laptop/notebook/ultrabook/what have you for college this fall; hold on for a little while longer and wait for one with the new fourth generation Intel processor.

Intel themselves are promising substantially improved battery life along with improved performance from laptops with the new Haswell processor line (they’re still named Core i3/i5/i7 to add to the confusion!).

The first computers should be in stores shortly, so it’s probably worth the wait rather than getting one of the old generation that stores are discounting heavily at the moment. At least if you like me value long battery life.

More geek-info for the tech savvy can be found here.