Watch the skies of France at 10 today!

Airbus Industries’ brand spanking new machine the Airbus A350 is scheduled (as of last night anyway) to take to the skies for it’s maiden flight today at 10:00 CEST.

All this will happen at Airbus’ HQ in Toulouse, and will be preceeded and succeeded by some sort of festivities i am sure.

Hope it all goes according to plan!


Wierd word of the day – Glossophobia!

Glossophobia means the fear of public speaking. According to a survey that was conducted by the National Public Radio in America, 43% of people said their greatest fear in life is public speaking. The people who completed the survey even stated that they feared public speaking more than death!

Although this may seem extreme, it is no secret that most of us hate public speaking and just the thought of giving a presentation is enough to leave you with feelings of anxiety and hesitation.

Jerry Seinfeld, a stand-up comedian, actor and writer joked that “people who go to a funeral are better off in the casket than doing the eulogy!” It is my opinion that everyone gets nervous giving a presentation. Mark Twain, a writer and humorist declared: “There are only two types of speakers in the world, the nervous and the liars.”

On a personal note this is something that i need to improve on; i’d love to be able to give a presentation with confidence and without feeling nervous. If that is at all possible, that is.

If even Jerry Seinfeld fears public speaking, then who doesn’t?

Candace McDonald has more on this topic right here.