Three years on WordPress!

A friendly reminder told me today that I’ve been blogging here on WordPress for the whole of three years today! Incredible! It’s hard to imagine that three years ago today i jusjohnson-celebration-of-learning-Thinkstockt left my old job to take the first steps on this very journey that i am on right now, and i am very glad that i decided to start this blogging process that very same day. It has at times provided me a channel to put my thoughts into writing, and at times, perhaps mostly; it has been a fun and worthwhile distraction. I do know that the last several months since i left for my sejour to Canada I’ve not been posting here nearly as much as I’d like, and that will change. Either way, i look forward to the three years ahead; i know that they will be interesting and rewarding in many ways!


Time to enter a new chapter and look ahead.

So here we are again, at the cusp between a year gone past and a new year that hopefully awaits us with new prosperity and happiness in life! It’s amazing how fast a year goes by, isn’t it? It really does feel like the last New Years Eve happened just yesterday.

I personally like to look back at the year that has been and and find the moments that has meant something special to me, and try to look ahead at what the future might bring. For me the year 2014 has been a great one, for several reasons, none of which i’m really going to present here for various reasons. But looking ahead instead I am optimistic and excited about 2015. This coming year has a lot coming for me personally, with an exchange semester in the US in the fall if everything goes my way. This I don’t even dare to wish for though, I will just play it cool till I have the admission in my hand. More immediately I look forward to a new spring semester at the University, and all new and rewarding experiences that it may bring.

Lastly I wish everyone who read this a happy and prosperous 2015; may all your wishes and resolutions come true! 🙂