What to invest in when the markets are shaky; Bacon!

Came across this rather tounge-in-cheeky article over at marketwatch today. The market for bacon and various cImagereative variations of it seem to be booming (or at least in the U.S). The All Star Products group last year marketed a bowl that you make out of bacon and stuff with any filling of your choice. If this is not brilliant i don’t what is! 🙂

The only downside of reading that article is that you get the cravings…for bacon.


Zombie alert!

Can’t get enough of Zombies after watching the latest episodes of The Walking Dead and World War Z at the Cinema this summer?

Look to Wall Street for your next Zombie fix! Well, according to Brett Arends’s Roi over at Marketwatch anyway, who has written a five Point survival guide to the mindless walkers on Wall Street. A somewhat amusing read, really. I do love The Walking Dead. B-)