School’s out (for summer)!

The day is finally here, the day of our very last exam of our very first year at the school of Business, economics and law at the University of Gothenburg! Long sentence there…and the school year has at times felt equally long, long and hard fought. But in the end we prevailed and did so with great honor i have to say.

The exam intself (financial accounting) felt “good” yesterday…i don’t dare to say more than that because if i do, i’m positive that i will jinx it! It did feel good…we were allowed to have the reference book for swedish corporate and accounting law and policy to use during the exam and i have to say that i’m slowly getting used to quickly find the answer to all life’s questions in that little book. Perhaps i should have studied law instead? But nah…business and economics is where my heart lies..i have really hit home with this field of study it has to be said.

After the exam yesterday i went for an extended lunch with my good friends from school, champagnethe weather really was crap with rain all day but we eventually found cover at the local restaurant close to school. I rounded of the day with a nice beef pasta and a few beers.

Today is day two. Now i’m sitting at my mother’s place waiting to eat some good food and crack my champagne (yes). After that i’ll be heading out to spend the day and night with my friends. This is going to be a good one.


So long!

/ Mika

Always buying the largest pizzas – microeconomics anyone?

Apparently someone made a vast study of the price of pizza as you go up in amount bought (or size of the pie!). This is something for everyone who see themselves as utility-maximizing natural economists.

Given that you think cold left over pizza gives you as much utility as fresh warm one does of course 😉

What to invest in when the markets are shaky; Bacon!

Came across this rather tounge-in-cheeky article over at marketwatch today. The market for bacon and various cImagereative variations of it seem to be booming (or at least in the U.S). The All Star Products group last year marketed a bowl that you make out of bacon and stuff with any filling of your choice. If this is not brilliant i don’t what is! 🙂

The only downside of reading that article is that you get the cravings…for bacon.

Struggling to make ends meet? – Adopt the McBudget!

English: The official logo.

English: The official logo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Apparently McDonald’s has decided to show their low-waged employees how to live within their means and financially survive by putting together a budget guide; the McBudget!

According to the golden arches management it’s fully possible to live a great and jolly Life on your minimum wage of $25000/yr.

Encouraging? Everything but…

Read more here.

I’ve been waiting to see this! – Coke Stevia!

The natural sweetener and sugar-substitute Stevia is increasingly popular and used in more and more products. Now finally “Big Beverage” has caught wind of it’s benefits as well!

Too bad that it’s still mixed with 50% regular sugar though if you ask me…why not just make it 100% Stevia and hence non-caloric? Go figure..

More on the subject here anyway.