26h to exam!

So 2014 is up and running and it’s back to business as usual at school. Our current course is an introductory course in macro economics which started in the begining of December and during our two week Christmas break from scheduled classes, which in all honesty set me back a bit. It has taken some effort to get back to it again, but nevertheless i feel optimistic about the exam on Friday (13:30 to 19:30 which is a pretty crazy schedule for a Friday! ;-))

We had the presentation of our project in this course earlier this week as well, which went pretty well. Me and and a study buddy of mine were handed the task of analyzing the Swedish government debt from a right wing perspective, and suggest ways of administrating it in the future. Fun and educational for sure (possibly only for aspiring economists though ;-))

Enough for this time; over and out!Image


Isn’t it time to end this farce?

The partial U.S government shutdown drags into it’s second week, with seemingly no reasonable end in sight, and the prospect of the first U.S default in 225 years looming closer.

Isn’t it just time to open the doors and go to work?

Read more about this mess over at MarketWatch.

Student loan – Granted!

ImageGot a letter from the Swedish government run student loan office in the mail yesterday…student loan granted!

Feels great, not that there should have been any problem getting granted, but still. Now everything is a go for the studies in the fall.

First course will be marketing starting 2nd of September, and the text books for it are on the way as we speak. Before that there’s three weeks of hazing though, starting this coming Monday…that shall be interesting B-)

Have a great Friday and weekend everyone!

5 Sneaky Ways to Get In-State Tuition for Your Out-of-State Kid – DailyFinance


Apparently there are ways to make college cheaper though (in reference to my previous post below). It probably doesn’t apply to 95% of us, but still ­čÖé

Worth a look if your child wants to go to college out of state.

Will you marry me (and my student loan debt)?


$1000-1500/month in student loan payments?!

Staggering numbers…couldn’t imagine someone actually pay that much, a MONTH, on student loans. You’d hope the job you’re getting when you’re done weighs up for it. Yikes.