The mailman come bearing great news!

Recieved this great piece of news in the mail this Friday; passed the last exam in financial control with destinction! It’s the highest grade that we can get at our school so I guess it’s comparable to a ‘straight A’. I know that I am tooting my own horn here, but that made my Friday. On to the next! DSC_1663

The course in international economics is up and running and now I have to start thinking about something related to that to write a debate article about. It must be tops 5000 words and must use statistics from the statistics tool Gap Minder. I have some ideas right now but I’m yet to start writing. I can recommend Gap Minder if you ever need a vast array of global statistics, I’ve never used it before we started this course but there seems to be A LOT of stuff there. Check it out if you need to gather some statistics.


So long!


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