And the journey begins at last!

Image  So yesterday was officially the day for registration with the University, to let them (and yourself!) know that you are actually enrolling for your course or program for the fall semester. So onto the bus i went early yesterday morning, kind of nervous but certainly also at the same time elated to set this ship asail, so to speak.

It was actually my first time visiting the School of Business at the University of Gothenburg (though i’ve been to other faculties before) and so far my impression of it is nothing but great. It seems like a great place with alot of great people and i am sincerely excited about spending the coming five years there…man that sounds like such a long time though, yikes.. 🙂

Anyways; now i’m officially registered for the fall semester that starts first week of September. Before that there’s three mad weeks of parties and all kinds of great stuff to get through (alive!) though.

Let the good times roll!


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