Great new student laptops coming!

To those who might have missed it and are in the market for a new laptop/notebook/ultrabook/what have you for college this fall; hold on for a little while longer and wait for one with the new fourth generation Intel processor.

Intel themselves are promising substantially improved battery life along with improved performance from laptops with the new Haswell processor line (they’re still named Core i3/i5/i7 to add to the confusion!).

The first computers should be in stores shortly, so it’s probably worth the wait rather than getting one of the old generation that stores are discounting heavily at the moment. At least if you like me value long battery life.

More geek-info for the tech savvy can be found here.


And Asia closes in the red again!

For the second day this week Japan’s Nikkei index broke the negative 3% barrier and closed at -3.26% after a speech by prime minister Shinzo Abe that instilled negative sentiment in the market.

And yes, the fear of the U.S Federal bank tapering back on asset purchases that so far has managed to stabilize markets world wide is yet again said to be a factor as well. Anyone else than me tired of seeing markets pulling back almost daily on a rumor that’s been floating around for the second week now? Sheez…

The leading indices in Asia all closed in the red, with Tokyo in a clear lead with said -3.26%.

Restless wait!

The deadline for sending in additional grades to be included in the college application process is quickly approaching, and i´m getting a bit restless!

They need to be in the 20th of this month and i´m currently still waiting for my grade from the English course i´ve been working on during this spring. To add to that it´s still unclear if the grades are being transferred to the universities electronically or if i´ll have to mail them by regular snail mail. There’s probably no need for me to worry, but i still just want this all done so that i can just wait for the results from the application process, knowing that i´ve done all i can to get into the program i want to.

Restlessness is a….pain in the behind B-)


Work hard play hard!


What better way to start a new week than with a peaceful jog/walk? The sun is shining and it feels like a great day is about to begin. Love it!


On another note it seems like we’re off to yet a rocky start of the business week as Japan’s Nikkei index closed in the red at -3,72% today. Leading economists say that the past weeks drops in the Japanese markets are partly due to signals from the U.S federal bank about possible easing of government economic stimulus as the U.S economy stabilizes, partly due to “regular” and “normal” correction of the Nikkei after the astronomical growth it’s had so far this year.

In more positive news found in my phone this morning is the ECB’s Mario Draghi saying during a visit in Shanghai yesterday that he believes the European economy to be slowly stabilizing. The European central bank cut it’s interest rate to a record low 0.5% last month, and Draghi says that he’s prepared to cut it further if nessescary, to aid a gradual recovery of the European economy.

I can see that the European markets have opened slightly up this morning, let’s hope they can stay away from the Nikkei’s influence for the remainder of the day.